Les Hookeuses du Bor’de’lo is a group of twenty women, some of whom are professional artists and others who are artisans by training who practice the traditional art of rug hooking with passion. All have a number of years’ experience as artists and enjoy participating in exhibitions of their works. These artists distinguish themselves by the contemporary treatment they give to the design of their hooked mats and by the use of eclectic materials in their art production.  

Since 2004, the creative force derived from creating around a common theme is constantly maintained by members of this group. To date, Les Hookeuses du Bor’de’lo have created ten major exhibitions that have been on display in the Maritime Provinces and Quebec. The process that leads to the design and the realization of these exhibitions is noteworthy since it involves the coordination of the work of several artists and requires individual and group maturity and professional expertise. 
The creative force of members of the group, as well as their commitment to elevate hooking as a medium of artistic expression in its fair value, are the foundations of the growing reputation of Les Hookeuses du Bor’de’lo.


Through their sustained involvement and their commitment to develop the art of traditional hooking, Les Hookeuses du Bor’de’lo have influenced the artistic and cultural scene in New Brunswick by:

  • Incorporation of the collective as a non-profit organization in 2012;
  • Creation of ten (10) major exhibitions of hooked rugs since 2004; 
  • Contemporary and innovative approach to the technique of rug hooking;
  • Marked effort to support the recognition of rug hooking as an artistic medium in the field of visual arts;
  • Publications of art works of the group in Canadian and American publications;
  • Recognition of the professional status of the group;
  • Sustained involvement in large-scale projects, such as the World Acadian Congress and the New-Brunswick Mat Registry. 



Les Hookeuses du Bor’de’lo are recognized as a group of twenty women artists who take pleasure in creating hooked  rugs while favoring creativity and excellence. This non-profit organization is involved in the community at the provincial and regional level and is committed to the transmission of the traditional art of rug hooking to the next generations. 


The mission of the group Les Hookeuses du Bor’de’lo is to ensure that the art of rug hooking is recognized as a medium for artistic expression and to preserve the heritage of our ancestors. 


  • The group Les Hookeuses du Bor’de’lo oversees the interests of its members by supporting them in creating opportunities for development and creativity;
  • The group is involved in the consolidation of this artistic discipline and, more broadly, in the development of networking at the provincial level and elsewhere;
  • Finally, the group establishes strategic partnerships with other sectors to position this traditional art in the artistic and cultural community.


     Line Godbout
 Nicole Butler
 Helena Bourque
 Linda Corbin
  Annie Richard
 Éveline Haché-Lachance



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